Miss Understanding



Miss Understanding is an agency that creates, adapts and translates content. We are a team of real people who customize our work to your wishes.

The history of relations between countries, businesses and people is plagued with misunderstandings. A word that is misused or applied out of context can provoke a diplomatic crisis or jeopardize a business project. Or it can simply leave an impression of carelessness.

Miss Understanding always finds the right words to bridge diverse worlds. Even in today’s globalized markets, one message doesn’t fit all. Words play a key role in opening a door to a different culture. We have that key and we will ensure that your message “gets there”.

We are unconventional professionals who, with style, find the perfect voice to address your needs: whether a product presentation or an entire report; the content of your website, a corporate video, or managing your Twitter and Instagram accounts in Spanish, Catalan or French… Miss Understanding guarantees that your message will land as you intended.


We both lived in New York for more than a decade, where we worked for some of the most prestigious newspapers and institutions in the world, among them The Wall Street Journal and the United Nations. We created Miss Understanding after having experienced all the misinterpretations that a badly-written or poorly-translated text can generate.

As native Spanish speakers in the United States, a subway trip would be enough to recognize how communications with the Hispanic population are plagued with errors, not only because of less-than-perfect translations but also because of cultural misunderstandings. After returning to Spain, we saw again that translated content is often not very well adapted to the international audience being targeted.

We founded Miss Understanding to offer our skills and experience with international organizations and major media to clients who don’t want their messages diluted or misinterpreted when translated into other languages or launched in foreign markets. Miss Understanding does not work with automated translation tools. We do the creative thinking that effective translation demands.

Nuestra historia




We strive to understand your ideas, projects and goals and we put them into words.

We are journalists: we know how to tell stories, and we can tell yours.

We help you build a message that will impact your target market.

  • We write original content for web pages
  • We write presentations and speeches
  • We write newsletters
  • We write corporate documents: reports, press releases, project descriptions, etc.
  • We write social media messages for companies and influencers
  • We write and edit books
  • We write scripts for videos and radio features




Do you have a huge amount of information but need an expert to select the most interesting parts and adapt them to a new format?

We transform your ideas or drafts and turn them into corporate publications, web pages or reports.

  • We adapt a draft, a speech or a report into a book
  • We edit speeches and apply their content to multiple formats and uses
  • We adapt our clients’ drafts and internal documents into corporate reports
  • We capture your business ideas and express them on web pages




Why spend a fortune on advertising if your message doesn’t have the same meaning or power in a new language?

We create custom translations: we know that words may have to change to communicate the same idea effectively.

  • We translate content for international organizations, NGOs and companies: speeches, reports, press releases, newsletters and corporate publications
  • We translate content for web sites
  • We translate social media messages for companies and influencers
  • We translate video subtitles
  • We transcribe and translate interviews


In order to guarantee the excellence of our texts and translations, we follow a three-step process, regardless of the assignment’s size or urgency. After each translation or draft, we submit the document to one of our collaborating experts, native in the client’s language, for a round of editing. Finally, it is proof-read by a native speaker.

We have a team of highly qualified partners in different languages for each of our areas of expertise: linguists, lawyers, experts in finance, education, experts in public health, etc.

We have access to the most cutting-edge hardware and software.

Método de trabajo

Misión, visión y valores


To improve the communications strategy of organizations, companies or individuals who want their outward-facing messages to reach those who speak different languages or inhabit different cultural contexts.


To become an essential partner in the communications and marketing strategy of any institution or company with an international presence.


Passion for words, commitment to diversity, confidentiality, and excellence.

The entire Miss Understanding team is committed to respecting the following foundational premises:

  • Ability to adapt to the needs of all our clients.
  • Absolute confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Meeting deadlines without hurrying or sacrificing quality.


Emma Reverter

Emma Reverter
Strategy Director

I was born and raised in Sitges (Barcelona). I completed high school in Wisconsin, United States. I studied Law and Journalism, specializing in human rights. I lived in New York for 15 years, and worked for the Catalan newspaper Avui, the Cervantes Institute in New York, and the United Nations. My articles have been published in The Guardian, BBC World, BBC Mundo, Avui, La Vanguardia, ABC, Eldiario.es, among other media. I have translated for the Inter-American Development Bank, Bloomberg, and many companies and international organizations. I translate The Guardian articles and opinion columns for eldiario.es. on a daily basis. I have edited books such as The Circle of Motivation (Valentín Fuster) and Corazón y Mente (Valentín Fuster and Luis Rojas Marcos).

I am the great-great-granddaughter of a fencing teacher who emigrated to Cuba, and the granddaughter of a mysterious Irishman. I am the niece of Catalan exiles in France. Having family in Brazil, El Salvador and France has allowed me to specialize in the creation and adaptation of content that “travels” between different cultures.

Carlota Fluxá

Carlota Fluxá
Content Director

With a Menorcan father, a Dutch mother and a German grandmother, I had the privilege of growing up multilingual, and this predetermined my fascination with language. It also made me realize that languages cannot be trapped in dictionaries, but are “living beings” in a cultural ecosystem.

With a BA in Journalism and a Doctorate in Communication Law, I embarked on advanced studies in the United States through a Fulbright scholarship. I completed an MA in Multimedia Journalism in Boston, the cradle of “American journalism.” After graduating, I lived in New York for 13 years, where I was editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal’s Spanish language editions, press secretary for the New York City Comptroller, collaborator of the Instituto Cervantes and radio producer for the United Nations. My translations have been used by international institutions such as the World Bank and non-governmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch.

As a passionate traveler, I have always been surprised by the disappointing quality of translations targeted toward foreigners. This frustration has motivated me to devote myself professionally to bridging, with precision and elegance, these spoken worlds within the world.

Deborah Magocsi

Deborah Magocsi
New York

As a publicist, editor, producer and director, I often play different roles, but always follow the same thread: effective communication. With almost two decades of experience, I have created thousands of innovative messages for clients that make up the Fortune 500 list in a wide range of products and services.

After graduating in German and Philosophy from Dartmouth College in the US, I studied Philosophy in Tuebingen, Germany on a DAAD fellowship and then earned an MFA in film production at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, one of the most prestigious film programs in the world.

Second to language, my greatest passion is walking. Each year I choose two points on the map separated by at least a few hundred kilometers and walk from one to the other, thus experiencing diverse cultures and languages in that most important way: in person and on the ground.

Trinitat Gilbert

Trinitat Gilbert

As a journalist and philologist, I regularly report on gastronomy, education and society for the newspaper Ara. Other collaborations include Catalunya Ràdio and La Ser.

I teach Journalism at the Pompeu Fabra University and Gastronomic Communication at the Cett-Universitat de Barcelona.

I have written books about travel and gastronomy. I love reading and writing, writing and reading, but above all, doing it correctly. A text with spelling or syntactical errors is like a white dress smeared with red wine. Clear, correct usage is fundamental to excellence in language and communications.